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Should landlords reward their tenants?

By Tash Johns

Sometimes it can feel like there is always a horror story about bad tenants and equally bad landlords; that investing in property comes with constant challenges and pressures; and the positive, ‘feel good’ stories are rarely shared.

According to recent statistics, there are now more than 2.6 million households in Australia that rent, and most landlords/agents/tenants have great relationships with each other and are doing the right thing.

There are just as many stories of landlords who are going above and beyond to reward and keep good tenants.  It just depends on your focus, quality of the property and standards of management.

The generalised perception is often that tenants are disrespectful, and landlords are reluctant to spend money, but it is just not true for the majority.

We are finding that some landlords are choosing to offer value-added rental incentives to build rapport with their tenants.  It can be said that the landlord/agent/tenant/property is a transactional one, but there can be benefits for landlords who care, value and help their tenants to maintain a long-term tenancy, which can greatly impact on the returns of the investment.

It could be something as simple as asking a long-term tenant if there was something on their wish list to make the home more comfortable (within reason, of course) or a thoughtful gift and card of appreciation.  We are seeing a new style of landlords emerging where they want to retain and keep good quality tenants and are happy to reward them.

As an agency we love to acknowledge our tenants each month and celebrate their cooperation, longevity of tenancy, on time payments and care of property. Keep an eye on our Facebook page each month to stay up to date with our Tenant of the Month recipients.

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