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What is the future for investing in property?

By Tash Johns

If you are regularly watching the news or reading the latest news articles in the media, like many, you may be feeling overwhelmed at times, uncertain, frustrated, controlled, and burnt out about many aspects of COVID life.

2020 will be a year marked in our history pages forever.

COVID has changed the way that we think, feel, socialise, communicate, interact, exercise, shop, learn, and do business in the most radical ‘blink of an eye’ speed.  It has changed every aspect of our lives to some extent and will continue to do so forevermore.

While there is no crystal ball to see or answer ‘What is the future for investing in property?’, there is the reality of now, and we have to start realistically adjusting if we are going to survive and grow into our new future.

What this means is, we cannot have a mindset of thinking when COVID goes away life will return to normal or when the 2021 New Year clock ticks over in four months that it will automatically be a fresh new COVID free lifestyle.

In a perfect world, it would be great to think that the introduction of a vaccine will cure everything, but the world has already changed and progressed forward in ways that will never be turned back.

The economy will continue to be impacted, the type of money transactions will continue to change (potentially progressing to a cashless society), stock markets will fluctuate, superannuation will rise and fall, and world trading will change.  However, the one commodity that has been least affected according to research, is property.

Property is one of the most tangible assets that cannot disappear or be taken away as easily as other commodities.

No one knows the future, but what we do know is that everyone needs a home.

Now is the time to think about investing in your future… not when things get better and return to normal.

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